Mission Technologies, Inc.

OEM Electronic Component Representatives

Minnesota, North Dakota,
South Dakota and Wisconsin
Phone: (952) 881-6767
Fax: (952) 881-6969

Adesto Technologies Astrodyne Atmel Beta Cartel Electronics Cavium Networks Crane Aerospace and Electronics DDC Are you asking questions about how to go to market in the upper Midwest (Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin)? Are you considering adding staff or a manufacturers' representative to achieve your objectives? Mission Technologies Inc. is a manufacturers" representative, specializing in OEM design-in products. We have built our reputation on the following strengths:
  1. Highly Skilled Sales Team:
    • Experienced technical sales team
    • Trained in Strategic Selling (Miller Heiman)
    • Compensated to grow and win new business
  2. Depth of Inside Sales Support:
    • Phones answered by a live person 8am to 5pm
    • Experience in several CRM packages as well as Office
  3. Market Knowledge of the Territory:
    • We can get you to decision makers and designers faster
    • We are able to build relationships with new customers faster
    • Thousands of contacts in our database that we can use to market your products
  4. Values Driven Business: Accountability, Integrity and Teamwork
  5. Demonstrated ability to grow business
  6. Product knowledge in the following areas:

    Semiconductors: Three-Dimensional Printed Circuit Board Subassembly, ASIC, Memory (Flash, EEPROM, EPROM, SRAM), Memory Modules (DRAM, Compact Flash, SD Flash, Solid State Drives, SSD), Microcontollers (AVR, ARM, Octeon, and 8051), Microprocessors (ARM & MIPS), Digital Signal Processors (DSP), Security and Crypto Controllers, Ethernet Controllers and other telecom/datacom components, Motor controllers, Current Sensors, Discrete transistors and diodes, Diode and Resistor Arrays, and Capacitive Touch. MOSFETs, IGBTs, Logic and Discretes.

    Wireless: Zigbee, ISM band transceivers, WiFi Bluetooth and BLE chipsets & modules. Power devices: Batteries, Power supplies (switchers, DC to DC converters), Power semiconductors. Power management solutions Systems: Fiber Channel, ARINC 429, and 1553 Chip Sets & PMC cards, Board Products, Embedded Modems. Fiber optic boards and components.

    Passive Components: Surface Mount Technology (SMT), Magnetics, Transformers, Printed Circuit Boards (PCB, PWB) Flex circuit boards, heaters/sensors and value added assemblies (boards and systems) LCD and LED Displays and components and solutions Connectors and Cable Assemblies, EMI Shielding, Ferrites, Conductive Elastomers, RF Absorbers, Flexible and Rigid Heating, LED Light Engines.
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