Mission Technologies, Inc.
OEM Electronics Sales Representative


Processing Technology

Microchip is a leading 8/16 and 32 bit MCU supplier with their PIC family of products.  They also offer a wide array of integration including RF, memory and variety of serial interfaces.

Intersil has a variety of video processors, CODECs and muxes.  On Screen Display (OSD),  Picture in Picture(PIP) and 360 degree view capability.

Cavium is the leader in multi core MIPS and ARM core system on chip (SOCs) offering low cost and extremely low power consumption.  SATA, USB 3.0, 10GigE interfaces.

Crystal Group, Inc. is the most trusted provider for operational, deployable, and high reliability computing applications. Crystal offers high-performance computing, Rugged Servers, Switches, Displays, Embedded Systems and Computers.


Atmel has a huge offering of 8 and 32 Bit Microcontrollers - AVR and ARM.  32 bit ARM Microprocessors.  High integration, high performance and low power.