Mission Technologies, Inc.
OEM Electronics Sales Representative


Sensing Technology

Allegro's Hall Effect sensor technology allows them to offer superior magnetic sensing for current, speed and position.  Their current sensors provide sensing with no loss.

Industry standard digital temperature sensors and temperature sensors with integrated EEPROM memory

Microchip provides the products needed to bring the analog world into the digital domain with sensors, Analog/Digital converters, amplifiers and comparators. Microchip is a leader in temperature and capacitive touch sensing.  Also offering CO2 and smoke detectors and advanced gesture sensing for true 3D control.

Silicon Microstructures leads in MEMs based pressure sensor solutions.  Offering the lowest pressure: 4 mbar as well as media resistant material for the Medical, Industrial and Automotive markets.

Elobau Sensor Technology is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of non-contact sensor technology. They specialize in Joysticks, Knobs, Push Button Switches and Angle & Tilt Sensors.




Touch International specializes in the design and manufacturing of standard and custom touch screens equipped with the latest touch technologies. Designed to satisfy tough regulatory requirements for aerospace, medical and military industries, Touch International manufactures projective capacitive, resistive and surface capacitive touch screens as well as provides display enhancements such as optical bonding, UV Filters, Anti-glare/Anti-reflective and backlighting.