Mission Technologies, Inc.
OEM Electronics Sales Representative

Mission & Values

Mission & Values

Mission Technologies Inc. was incorporated in 1997. We started with the premise that we needed to build the best sales team in the territory. We also needed strong Business Partners who were committed to growing this territory. We opened our office in Bloomington representing two lines. We slowly grew our line card and today Mission represents several leading manufacturers in their respective industry categories. We have made a name for ourselves by growing the companies we represent and putting our Business Partners in a position to grow in the territory.

Mission serves Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.

At Mission Technologies Inc. we are an organization based on values. We believe it is one of the distinct differences between us and other representatives. Why are values important? The core values of an organization define the attitudes and behaviors that you can expect as a client of Mission Technologies Inc. 

Our core values are:
  • Integrity - We are an organization who builds long lasting relationships based on trust and honest communication.
  • Passion - Selling can be challenging. We believe that passion is a key to our success. Passion carries us through difficult situations and circumstances.
  • Teamwork - We are a strong organization, but, Mission is not an island; we need Business Partners who are willing to work with us to achieve a common objective. We are a group of people who are willing to roll up our sleeves in order to get the job done, and we expect the same from the organizations that we represent. Everyone in our organization will help each other. 
  • Vision - We value Business Partners that are not just solving today's problems, but thinking beyond today to develop solutions that will be needed in the future.