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Power Technology

Allegro is a leader in motor controllers, drivers and current sense for brushed, brushless and servo motors. They also have a wide variety of DC/DC switching regulators for the industrial, consumer and LED markets.

Data Device Corporation (DDC) has Solid State Power Controllers & Programmable Motor Controllers.

Astrodyne offers a wide range of AC/DC Power Supplies from 2.5 Watt to 1500 Watt for Industrial and Medical Applications.  They also offer CF and BF ultra low leakage Medical supplies for patient safety applications with their Jerome brand and high power (up to 100 kW) supplies from TDI Power.  Their RO brand of high reliability DC/DC and AC/DC supplies are used in a variety of harsh environment applications.

Microchip offers a huge variety of power devices, from LDOs and DC/DC switching regulators, to intelligent DC/DC modules as well as FETs, IGBTs and FET drivers.

Daisy Data Displays, Inc. specializes in the engineering and manufacturing of highly reliable rugged and hazardous area computing solutions that meet the unique requirements of the military, flight simulation, oil exploration, pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.

Pioneer Magnetics designs and manufactures high power AC/DC power supplies from 1000 to 30K watts


XFMRS Inc.  manufactures transformers and inductors for all types of power supply designs.